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New Liberty Distillery Whiskey Tasting with Robert Cassell

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31 May

New Liberty Distillery Whiskey Tasting with Robert Cassell

Friday, June 16th, 2017 @ 6 PM

Join us at The Twisted Tail for a whiskey tasting with local distillery, New Liberty Distillery, and its Master Distiller Robert Cassell. During the guided tasting, attendees will sample the Kinsey lineup, Bourbon, Rye and 7 Year Whiskey, as well as one of New Liberty Distillery’s latest products, Penna Dutch Malt Whiskey.

At one time, more whiskey was produced in Pennsylvania than in Kentucky, and rye was the most popular whiskey in the United States. Through their Heritage Collection, New Liberty Distillery is reinterpreting some of the brands that made Pennsylvania famous. They also are creating their own whiskey that draws on local ingredients and displays the skills of master distiller, Robert Cassell.

New Liberty Distillery is located in a vibrant north Philadelphia neighborhood, just minutes from Center City. The building once served as a stable, and much of its architecture, including the horse stalls, have been preserved. The building now provides a home to a custom-made still, as well as the rick house where they barrel age their whiskey.

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